Europe trip 2.0 – Day 1 28 May

This is it. We’re now on the plane, many miles from home but closer to place that we’ll be calling our second home for 1 week. 

It has been my dream since young (however cliché this phrase may sound) to work abroad. More specifically, I’ve been interested in the idea of WWOOF ever since hearing about it. WWOOF stands for World Wide Opportunities for Organic Farming  and let aspiring farmers (like me, heh) stay in Organic farms for free in exchange for work, so as to promote, well,  organic farming. 

Before going, I had many doubts. But as the plane steered towards the runway just before taking off from Changi Airport, I know that there’s no going back. No room for uncertainty. This is it. And it feels so surreal…i can now understand what Zea when she said that her exchange was a dream.

It feels like a dream because you can’t believe it’s happening. And moreover, everything is too good to be true yet it is indeed, happening, and most of all, to YOU! 

Today my father didn’t send me off at the airport, perhaps due to his disapproval for my trip. Why so – i don’t know! There’s too many possibilities to speculate. Firstly, traveling is a way to spend a lot of money quickly and consecutively for 2 years, I’ve been travelling to Europe for extended periods of time. Secondly, he doesn’t understand why I need/want to travel. Thirdly, he may not want to be accountable for anything that goes wrong. I’ll never find out, I suppose. 

I must admit that it saddened me a bit… I hope he will be happy for me eventually, or that I’ll be able to justify my spending with more income from tuition, or some sort of life changing experience derived from my travels. 

My dad was supposed to be my ride to the airport so without him, my mom, sis and I had to take bus to the airport, and I had a pre-trip warm up for back packing. 

On board the Turkish Airline flight, everything is better than expected. I found a movie on my to-watch list – LA LA LAND – and the food was great. The service was to my surprise, even better than my previous long haul flight with Emirates. They provided a travel kit with essentials like eye mask, socks and ear plugs. Blankets and pillows were available, and the crew made their rounds after dinner to make sure we are all well fed before going to bed. (But the thing about sleeping on airplanes is, you can’t seem to fall asleep. What a shame!) 

It’s 0206h as I’m typing this as falling to sleep has been in vain. I’m excited for what’s about to come!


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