Europe 2.0 – Day 12 8 June 

Today we left Florence for Venice! It’s my second time here and from what I last rmb, the city seemed to have aged 😦 

Getting over to Venice was uneventful hahaha! We arrived at Venezia St Lucia station and find the accoms in no time upon reaching. =) First we headed to the Murano and Burano islands. The price for transportation is very steep – 20 euros for a one day pass. And it’s very necessary because unlike local water buses in Venice mainland, there is someone checking tickets for the non-local trips. 

Once again we skipped lunch and so by 2pm+, we were in our first stop, Murano. Unlike popular beliefs, it is very, very possible to do both islands if you have at least 3-4h to spare! And since the daylight is long in summer period, even better! You could head out easily in the evening and return when the sun sets, as long as there’s scheduled water buses available. I find that it takes around 1h to the further island (Burano) from Venice and vice versa. 

We got off at the wrong stop in Murano but it turned out good because we could appreciate the island while walking to the correct stop. Most shops were selling glass products, a special local product for Murano (and for Burano, it is lace).

I realised that the islands have their appeal because the buildings are shorter and the network isn’t as complicated as mainland. It feels like walking through a really small and quaint town. 

From Murano we took a connecting water bus to Burano and Yue Shan was immediately thrilled by the colourful houses! I was pleasantly surprised that they made the citizens paint their houses in bold colours like pink and purple. Most of them also grow beautiful potted flowers outside their windows, or had small gardens if they have a backyards. Several houses placed benches or chairs for tourists to take photos with. The best houses were the ones with matching colour combinations for their walls and features (like Windows or their flowers). 

Considering the expensive ride here, yue shan ate bread for lunch and I bought one slice of pizza. =/ but we ate by the river which made the food taste better. =P

On going back, we witnessed a white lady arguing with a Chinese lady over a seat in the outdoors section of the water bus. (it’s a long story, ask me about it irl thanks HAHAHA!)

The evening was slightly stressful because yue shan wanted to return to the accoms ASAP and I had plans of doing night photography after the sun set (earliest would be 9pm). I promised to walk her back but later decided otherwise as she wanted to have takeout for dinner whereas I wanted to enter an eatery for a proper meal (since our lunch wasn’t v impressive.) 

In the end she compromised as she didn’t want to stay in the accoms by her own, and would rather risk staying out in the night w me. As she was really hungry by 7pm, I quickly asked Google maps for recommended dinner options and we were led to a decent osteria, where we ate in the outdoors. We shared a calamari platter and a tuna pizza, extremely satisfying! 

Then we walked around, for example in the area of the rialto bridge and by the grand canal. Eventually we came to St Marks square and I was super thrilled that many professional mini orchestras were playing music! For free as long as you could stand and watch. I was super moved by their music and the whole experience that I teared up. :’) Around me, some couples danced in cool weather, perhaps never in a long time for some of them. 

We walked back at around 11pm and reached our accoms at 12. It was really a special night . 


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