Europe 2.0 – Day 17 13 June

Today I was super reluctant to wake up because of a late night talking to 2 Korean guys who stay at our hostel! They’re really friendly and funny haha! We talked about many things, like travels, our age (both of them looked so much younger than their real age), Korean fashion and the incident of how their ‘waterproof’ pouches gave up on them just when they decided to bring it to the sea. All the best to them on fixing it!

The hostel is so good – besides everything being twin, there’s air con and also both the bed and blankets are thick . The pillow is non existent but everything else were perfect for such a low cost room.

I dragged myself outta bed at 8am and we headed to green market, which is really small but I expected it to be huge (and same expectations were applied for Croatia attractions so far, so I feel that I overbooked our time here… Oh Wells.) And most vendors were selling the same thing – cherries (a lot), other fruits, veggies, meat… Not a lot of variety or uniqueness unlike Asian markets imo.

We bought some strawberries and tried Burek, a local bread which is kinda like oily puff pastry w cheese inside. I really liked it a lot cuz the inside is chewy. ^^

Later we headed to the wet market, which was even smaller lol. Nothing much to see. We bought a goggles for me, went back and out again to Bacvice Beach. It wasn’t as crowded as I imagined! At least there was space on the sandy part to suntan/rest and in the ocean to swim about without bumping into others. The waters were super clear as I waded into it, and I could see beautiful patterns on the sand underneath me. So perfect.
YS ate her fruits while watching me swim. It’s my first time swimming in a beach/swim, not just waddling or playing. And it feels good because one moment I’m swimming in warm waters, and the next it’s very cooling. Super enjoyable. I was the only few in a one piece though oops.

Later we walked to Firule beach, which is 10mins by foot along the coast. It’s smaller and more sparse but for a reason – trees lining the pavement lie quite closely to it and so there’s many dead leaves in the sea… Not to my liking so we decided to head back before I even spent much time in the waters.

Along the way, we passed by a jumping board about 1m above the sea surface and I was tempted to make the leap because I saw other younger (and BRAVER) boys doing it – seems fun and it is something new to me. What happened next is something so embarrassing that I will not forget for the rest of my life.

YS found a shady spot to rest while I walked towards the platform with gusto. It was not a difficult feat, I thought. But when I looked down, I felt SO SCARED HAHAHA! Perhaps because I haven’t done this before, the uncertainty of whether I would crash into some rocks and to my death was overwhelming. The distance between me and the sea surface was unnerving even though it is, only 1m. So I walked forward, stopped, walked back, stopped, contemplated, shouted some stuff to YS about how scared I was, squatted down and considered to jump from a sitting position. I did this for about 5 minutes and decided that I had to consult YS for advice and some encouragement.

She gave me a lot of practical info – such as how the younger boys (maybe age only 7-8 years old) survived and how she and her friends jumped from higher heights (30m/60m) in Boracay beach and also survived. Ready, I went again but did the same routine of being terrified.

Just then, a little boy came close to the platform and just as I hoped, he wanted to jump as well. I gave way to him and within a few seconds, he was in the sea! BRAVO! Using this optimism, I also quickly followed suit before I chickened out again.

SPLASH! All the salt water went into my nose and the impact wasn’t too pleasant, but THERE I DID IT! 1m jumping * insert moon face *

We walked back to Bacvice again so I could swim again in the sweet, clear, salty blue sea. ^^ Suntanning myself dry, we walked back to the hostel to wash up. Evening’s programme was to visit Marjan Hill Park by bicycle.

The rental was crazy expensive and the vendors weren’t friendly at all… 😡 To make it worse, the ride up to the park was extremely unenjoyable. We had to cycle alongside cars on roads that aren’t super wide. Drivers in Croatia, as far as I knew, aren’t the kindest people on the roads. (The pavements? They are not wide enough either and there were many passers-by. Also not smooth at all, with cracks, holes and what have you.) The curbs do not slope off at their edges and sometimes, only one side of the road has pavement to walk/ride on, so we had to switch sides several times. I was frustrated and worried to no ends to enjoy the scenery, so I gave up and parked it somewhere to retrieve later.

The irony is that in the park itself, cars are prohibited so they were safe to ride on. But by then, I had given up on cycling so walking was the way to go. I didn’t mind, since I could stop easily to take photos whenever I wanted, and fully soak in the environment. After an hour or so, we arrived at the panoramic viewpoint, where we could see the land that both Trogir and the Slatine beach are located. So needless to say, we also had a fantastic view of the sea and sky – very wide and unobstructed.I was reminded of our hike in Riomaggorie, where we admired the beautiful Adriatic sea as well.

It was relaxing to look at the waves, observe the gradient of the sky and watch boats go in and out of our view. I closed my eyes and could hear children playing at the beach, the gentle splashing of the waves, the soft hum of the boat engine, occasional people speaking and bicycles whirring past. We stopped here for around 15-20 minutes and began to make our descent.

Dinner (around 9pm-ish) was at a burger bar, where we shared a pulled pork burger and ‘Toto burger’, a specialty of the shop. Then we walked by the promenade watched the lights of boats and nearby restaurants. It was very romantic. 😉 Along the way we bought some gifts and headed back for a good night’s rest.


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