Europe 2.0 – Day 28 24 June

Today the day that we’d be meeting Ben! So excited hahaha because it’d be the first time that we’d be travelling together. 

The weather was so extremely WARM and even though we walked for 10minutes to reach our hostel from Salzburg Hbf, we were soaking I’m sweat when we reached. My heart was beating damn fast because we haven’t met on a long time and wasn’t sure how he was like now hahaha! Turns out his hair was super long now, by my standards, but nothing much has changed. ^^ still 2 good friends who chatted easily about anything and everything. 

Ben would be the lead for our salzburg part, so good I can finally take a break from all the navigating and planning. First he brought us to a beer garden where we had turkey schnitzel and spare ribs in bbq sauce. Then we hiked to a panoramic spot to get a bird’s eyeview of the city. The old centre is super small, like most olden cities that we’ve been to. The main attractions were the Dom and Mirabell Gardens which were on the opposite side of the river. Once again hot weather = sweat+++. Tired from the long journey we’ve come from, I kept yawning. Think it’s gonna be the slackest part of our trip! XD

The view was so so in my opinion, the best part of any climb is the journey itself. Yue Shan and I became more acquainted with Ben and we talked about many things like IP vs O levels, our travels and studies. I was really happy that Ben + Bae (i.e his thesis) were doing well together! Tbh I didn’t see most things carefully hahaha but since YS and I would be having a day to ourselves in Salzburg, it is ok. 🙂 

Next we headed to Mirabell Gardens… Which was SMALL. Sighs a bit disappointed because I feel that old towns are kinda a waste of time since they could be covered quickly. Ljubljana was the sweet spot because although small, it was packed with many things to see. Salzburg being the 2nd largest city, is still quite lacking in spite of the gardens, church and castle… Which many places have. Perhaps the former would be the main highlight since it was the filming location for Sound of Music but ehhhh it’s just alright. 

The day passed quickly because we spent much time just chilling and talking. Not sure if YS will feel left out or short changed but she seems to be ok with a slack itinerary. (imo slack = can talk more without looking at the attractions so hooray for me heh.) 


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