Europe 2.0 – Day 31 27 June

Today we didn’t do anything much because YS and I already explored most of the attractions that we wanted to during the rainy day 2 days back. We woke up to return the car at 9am and later we started around while waiting for lunchtime. During this interval I tried to catch up with my overdue posts but was too sleepy so I decided to talk to ruoxi over the phone. 

We sent Ben off at the Mirabell tram station at 4pm. I really couldn’t believe it when he wanted to buy tickets to Salzburg when he learnt that we would be going. Maybe it wasn’t just for us but still… 

Anyway the days we spent as a 3 persons travelling group was pretty memorable. I will definitely look back on our road trip and the late nights for many years to come. 

Today it kept raining on and off and it was difficult for me to find time to properly take a walk in Salzburg’s old town with my camera. Finally, after sleeping and writing and bathing and eating, the rain stopped for good at 730pm. 

So here I am typing this while sitting in front of a grand fountain. 

I really liked salzburg and would recommend anyone to come here. Salzkammergut is especially scenic and alone may displace my first love, Italy, from the spot of my favourite outcry country. (It would definitely have if we had spent everyday meaningfully instead of having pockets of empty waiting time.) 

I like everything about it. Its architecture is really pretty – the signboards of shops are displayed in very elegant designs and the buildings are painted in warm, gentle colours like baby pink, light orange or lilac. Shades of whites complement these colours. The whole city is very small and easily understandable. I could memorise the maps after walking around and seeing the city from a few panoramic spots. I also love how the alleys have display windows selling mostly fashion products like clothes of watches. It reminds me of London except that over here, it seems more charming haha. 

Only thing less satisfactory would be the food as I personally can’t recommend any cheap and nice places that serve a great variety of food. For most of the time we’ve been eating schnitzel or hotdogs while we’re here and I guess it could be better. :p


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