Europe 2.0 – Day 36 2 July

Disclaimer: This post was written on 19 Aug, 6 weeks into my new semester in uni and 7 weeks after the end of my Europe trip.


YESSSS I am back in the land of GELATO! (The featured image is me, with real Gelato and bigger, plastic Gelato.)

After spending a night in the couchette with YS, Korean girls x3 and Mr N, we arrived at Milano Centrale. Boy was I in a deep slumber! Apparently policemen came to check every cabin and even shone their torchlights on every passenger but I did not detect anything amiss?! SLEPT LIKE A BABY! 😀

On arrival in Milan, we took bus to our Airbnb even though it was way before check-in time. We were really glad to be able to drop our bags and wash up as we did not have the chance to for more than 24h since leaving our Airbnb!

Not wasting time, we scuttled out to town again, this time by train. We had less than satisfactory Italian food for lunch (why do the pizza and pasta outside of Italy taste better??) and then headed to the Duomo.

NOTE! Do wear something conservative (i.e. not too revealing, covering the knees and shoulders) when going to the Duomo!

Because of my dress, we had to come back tomorrow. But hey, we managed to bump into a group of Chinese ladies taking selfies with the beautiful doors of the Duomo, LOL! Side note: I will also mention this in the next post but, I just have to reiterate that DUOMO in MILAN is the best, perhaps because it is something that I can easily appreciated. Although we could not appreciate the spires up close until when we visited the Duomo Museum the next day, these magnificent doors…already puts this cathedral as number 1. The doors are sculpted so intricately, they almost seemed like works of the superhuman. Awesome stuff. And oh, apparently touching Jesus Christ’s calf in one of the panel will bring you good luck. (I can’t remember which scene, just look for something shiny and golden – after years of being touched – at eye level, hahaha!)

Their tour guide literally told them this makes a good selfie spot and…

So instead, we decided to explore the surrounding ‘neighbourhood’ with gelato in hand. As it turns out, the 20 minute walking radius of the Duomo are filled with fashion stores. Perhaps it should be the city of fashion instead! If you dislike one LV or Prada store, just walk in another direction and you’ll be guaranteed to find another one! AMAZING! I couldn’t really appreciate the fashion bits but being surrounded by Italian architecture again makes me really happy. 🙂

In front of  Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, said to be the  oldest, and also the first covered shopping mall in the world 😉 It also contains the Town House Galleria, a five-star hotel.

And wherever possible, I tried to follow the free walking map that I downloaded online but it was a complete failure (of course!) Looking at my itinerary right now, 4 months after visiting Milan, I only remember ticking off Piazza Della Scala (conveniently located on the other end of the GVE II) out of all the churches and museums. And no, we did not see the Last Supper. But I digress, adding onto the awesome photo of me + GVE II, some fun facts that I just read off Wiki:

It inspired other arcades with arched roofs in the world, such as the Saint-Hubert Gallery in Brussels (opened in 1847), the Passazh in St Petersburg (opened in 1848), the Galleria Umberto I in Naples (opened in 1890) and the Budapest Galleria.

Good to do things first, eh?

Tradition says that if a person spins around three times with a heel on the testicles of the bull from Turin coat of arms this will bring good luck. This practice causes damage to the mosaic: a hole developed on the place of the bull’s genitals.

Interesting… I can’t believe so many walking-tour-worthy facts could be easily found on the internet! Gather all these info, and I could make my very own walking tour. Unfortunately, I neither did my research nor did a walking tour while I was there and so… I aint see no balls with hole.

MacDonald’s almost sued the Galleria for not renewing the tenancy due to major losses. Lucky for both, no court case was required as macs was allowed to operate somewhere nearby.

Actually… Guess what? I visited the macs in question! It was bustling with people and we could barely find seats. After all, where could you get affordable food and free toilet in such an expensive district? A win-win situation here: the Galleria gets to uphold its luxurious status, and macs get to earn them big bucks!

Ahhh… Italy has my heart

After that, we headed to Sforza castle, which has now transformed into various museums. Of course we didn’t go into any but we just walked about and tried to admire it from the outside. Hmm… After seeing so many castle, this one does pale slightly in comparison. :/

All in all, Milan did not offer many things to see HAHAHA! I almost wanted to visit the Leonardo Da Vinci museum as I was kinda bumped about not being able to visit the one in Venice. However, it was struck off my list as many other tourists lamented about the lack of English descriptions provided. Thankfully we are just visiting as a point of departure and arrival heh 😛



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