Europe 2.0 – Day 15 11 June

OMG Finally we reached Dubrovnik and it isn’t even as awesome as I expected 😦

For some reasons, we kept encountering bus drivers who are too chill with life – they take breaks too often and too long, meaning we arrived late in Dubrovnik, shortening the little, precious time that we already have… The bus station is surprisingly a considerable distance from our apartment – 3km by the main road. Because the whole city is located on a hilly area and the sun is scorching hot, it would be too pain staking to walk for half an hour. Furthermore, the bus to our apartment doesn’t run as frequently as the bus services to old town itself.

SO WE TOOK UBER! I am super glad that Croatia has this 🙂

We arrived at around 11am in our accoms, a far cry from the original plan (i.e. 6:45am, if we had caught the 9pm bus from Zagreb instead of the 12:30am one). Nevermind, we quickly bathed and made it to old town by 12nn! YAY!

It also helped that old town itself is SO SMALL! HAHAHA! I got a feeling some of the biggest shopping malls in Singapore, like the MBS complex, may be even larger. 😛 We had only a few main attractions whereas the rest were GoT filming sites. ^^

We had seafood risotto for lunch at a restaurant that we first spotted – no time for dilly dally! Surprisingly the food and price was GREAT! For 70kn, the portion was filling and there was a lot of seafood in the risotto. YUM!

Full of energy and excitement, we went up the city walls first. The entire stretch was start to end was extremely scenic and has been something which I really looked forward to after seeing it on my friends’ insta. Unfortunately the SUN WAS TERRIBLY HOT so the hike wasn’t as enjoyable as it could be… NO MATTER! We were both still very pleased by amazing sights of the blue seas and the pristine houses of the old towns (YS calls them the “small houses”).

By the time we exited, we both finished our water bottles and were super parched. YS lemon ice cream and I had orange ice slushie in a shop along the Stradun, then we walked to the old port to look at the sea up close. I felt really jelly of the people swimming in the super clean, clear and blue waters! Must be nice…

Later we walked about in the alleys, where we saw even more restaurants and specialty shops. I really, really love specialty shops wherever I travel, especially the artsy ones. We saw shops selling exquisite handmade magnets and they especially appealed to me because they were handmade and were made out of things you can find on the beach, like seashells and pebbles. ^^ The designs super cute and unique as well, but V EXPENSIVE! Around 8 sgd… Oh wells…

Then we walked over to St Lawrence Fort, which IMO has the best views of Dubrovnik because you could see how majestic and thick the city walls were. Very impressive. It is also less difficult to get up to and less crowded so we could relax and enjoy the sceneries properly. We bumped into many GoT walking tour groups so I could stand around ‘innocently’ stand around while the guides were holding up laminated photos of scenes from the shows and explaining behind-the-scenes info. One of the guides was an extra from the show itself and she explained that she was chosen from over 5,000 applicants! :O (She theorized that maybe she is around the same height as Emilia Clarke hohoho!) Super impressive.

And then DINNER TIME! We walked around for quite long to find an affordable place to eat but eventually we found THE ONE. We had such a good meal – calamari to share, black risotto for me and pork chop for YS. We were SO SATISFIED after the meal and I even charged my phone at the shop. (And side note, we also took their free bread x2 because the waiter refilled it for us HAHAHA ^^) Super amusing.

After dinner YS and I splitted up – she went to watch free cultural performances in the stradun (there was some festival going on) while I went to War Photo Limited, a gallery that displays, well, war photos. The gallery is v small, only 2 stories about the size of my house. But the images were of really good standard because they were so raw and reflected the true brutality of war. I was in great admiration of the photographers’ courage to step into conflict zones to shed light on the war situation, but in even more respect for the people who had gone through such a traumatic period when families and homes were destroyed.

Around 10pm, we headed back to our accoms. I’m thankful that despite what happened, we were still able to enjoy the old town as planned. Even though we didn’t get to explore other places that we/I had intended to, I was satisfied. 🙂 (And tbh I feel that Dubrovnik is very different from King’s Landing. Many parts were CGI-ed and old town is in reality, a very modern and simple place. Personally I feel that Volterra had a more medieval and untouched atmosphere. 🙂 But still, I am always thankful for what we were blessed with.)

Places to go next time:

  • Lokrum, Miljet, Gornji Ugao Tower (closed when we found out about it), Elaphiti Islands, Ston, Trstento Arboteum

(HAHA Croatia has too many scenic spots)